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Here comes huge event of boston marathon 2017 held in April so you are waiting to know about boston marathon results or boston marathon winner name is also given here

Boston Marathon Results Winner Bombing 2017

Boston Marathon Results Welcome everyone, on my blog today I am going to discuss about the Boston Marathon race and different things related to the world’s oldest sporting event like Boston Marathon Route, Boston marathon Qualifying Standards and also the Boston Marathon Qualifying times. And at the end I will discuss about the Boston Marathon Winner predictions and Boston marathon 2017 Results. In 2013, a terrifying bomb explosion held after the Boston Marathon race which is known as Boston Marathon Bombing. Let’s forget about the bad thing and carry on with the article about Boston Marathon race results and winners.

Boston Marathon

The most popular and world’s best known racing event, Boston marathon, and also the globe’s oldest annual marathon was first time organized in the year 1897, after the successful happening of Summer Olympics in the year 1896. Boston Marathon is normally held on the third Monday in the month of April. On this day, Patriot’s Day is also celebrated in United States of America. Boston Marathon race is a part of World Marathon Majors.

In United States of America, along with Boston Marathon, Kentucky Derby, Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and Rose Parade are the four top most events held every year in the country. The association which manages the Boston Marathon Race event is Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A). All Amateur (Non-professional) and professional runners participates and compete with each other in the Boston Marathon every year.

Boston Marathon Route

The location of this race Boston Marathon starts from Eastern Massachusetts and ends in the Boston. You will surprise to hear that almost 500,000 people come to watch this Boston Marathon Race and to know the Boston Marathon Result or Boston Marathon Winner. And because of those 500,000 people, this event is known as the New England’s most viewed sporting event. And you will also surprise to know that every year more than 30,000 athletes participate in this race. In 1996, the Centennial Boston Marathon holds the record of World’s Largest Marathon.

Boston Marathon Qualifying Standards

In late 1980’s and 1990’s, the Boston Marathon qualifying standards were different as of now. At that time, all runners must have the age of 18 years and also requires the USA track and field membership, but this requirement has been no more now, but the age limit is still the same. But now, to qualify in Boston Marathon, a runner must have to complete a standard marathon course affiliated with the International Association of Athletics.

Boston Marathon Qualifying Times

The qualifying time for this race Boston Marathon is categorized differently on the basis of gender and age. If men, having age between eighteen to thirty four then the qualify time is three hours and five minutes (03:05:00) and if women having the same age group then the qualifying time is three hours and thirty five minutes (03:35:00). There is almost ten parts in which age is differentiated also the qualifying time. To know all the age groups and their respective Boston Marathon qualifying times just see the below picture.

Boston Marathon Race Day

As I already told you above about the Boston Marathon race day that the day for this race is fixed on the third Monday in the month of April which is also known as the Patriot’s Day. In 2017, the third Monday of April month falls on the date 17. The residents of United States of America often named the third Monday of the April month as the “Marathon Monday”, as they all are very much excited for the Boston Marathon Race.

Boston Marathon Winners

Many athletes got the chance of winning the title of Boston Marathon Winner as it is one of the oldest Marathon Race. John J. McDermott was the first athlete in the year 1897 who was awarded and named as the first Boston Marathon Winner. In men’s open race, Clarence DeMar has got this title most times among the athletes. He has won this title seven times. And in women’s open race, Catherine Ndereba holds the record of winning the title of Boston Marathon Winner four times that is the most by any women athlete.

Boston Marathon 2017 Results

Here, I am going to predict about Boston Marathon 2017 Results. In the current year 2017, Lelisa Desisa Benti and Lemi Berhanu Hayle have a chance to win the title of Boston Marathon 2017 men’s open. And in women’s open race, Atsede Baysa and Caroline Rotich have a chance to win this year Boston Marathon. You will get to know the exact Boston Marathon Winners and all the Boston Marathon 2017 Results as it will happen in United States of America. So, till then just wait, enjoy and carry on your practice if you are participating in this year Boston Marathon.

Boston Marathon Bombing

In the year 2013, on the day of Boston Marathon, a scary and terrifying incident took place that’s why it is known as Boston Marathon Bombing. This incident took place on 15th April 2013 at 2:49 in the afternoon. At the time of bomb explosion, maximum participants are about to finish their race. This explosion took the life of three people and injured around 140 people who were there to watch the annual Boston Marathon. Here below, I am sharing with you the Boston Marathon Bombing video which was published by ABC news on Youtube.

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